Edema in pregnant mares...


Last year one of my new mares that I recently purchased in foal, ended up with a false pregnancy.  I bred her once I realized she'd been faking  ;D and right at 21 days she ended up with loads of Edema and mastitis.  I thought due to the timing that it might be related to hormones.

Once we got the mastitis cleared up she turned out to be not pregnant so I decided to wait until the following year to rebreed.

So this year, she's bred and again right as 21 days she get's all sorts of Edema, but luckily, no Mastitis.

When the Vet came to palpate (she is preggers) I asked him about it and wondered if it could be hormonal and he said yes, that it could be from her bodies release of prolactin.

So I guess the good news is that I have a mare with a built in pregnancy test  :D

However, I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.

Congrats! I can't help you but was wondering, do you have to worry about that edema in your mare over the long term?  I am just curious, our stallion had a serious case and we had to ensure he kept moving to clear it. I hope thats not the case with your mare...
Raye Anne

I do have to keep tabs on it, last time we cleared it up with Bute, but I'm not sure I want to start buting her so early in her pregnancy.  If she really needed medication then I'd giver he what ever she needed, but at this point were going to take the 'let's wait and see' approach.

One of my pregnant mares had an adema problem last year too and we just had to have my daughter take her for a walk everyday ::)  She would just hop on bareback and go for a walk morning and night.  Horse loved it and so did my daughter.  It gave her time to unwind and get out of the noisey house with 5 other kids in it.  She also used that time to teach the horse to go bridleless so she could just go out and hop on and go even if she only had bailing twine ;) 



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