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March 13,  2007
Contact: AHA

Last Son of Khemosabi++++// Wins Horse of Year Honor

Artesan+++// (Khemosabi++++// x Obsession JD), a nine-year-old purebred Arabian gelding owned by Susie McArthur of Kentfield, Calif., ranked as the top horse among a field of more than 3,000 Arabians, Half-Arabians and Anglo-Arabians to become the 2006 Arabian Horse Association (AHA) High Point Horse. To reach this pinnacle, the gelding had to accumulate the highest number of points in the Horse Achievement Awards program during 2006. He racked up 457.5 points in his year of competing in dressage, sport horse in-hand and under saddle and show hack to win the award as well as add three plusses and two slashes in Achievement Awards symbols to his name.

Award sponsor, Equine Pro Tack, awarded McArthur with a saddle at a presentation at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in February, 2007.

McArthur had not ridden since the 1960's but decided in 2003 to get back into showing.

"I hadn't shown Arabians for 35 years, so I didn't recognize any of the bloodlines," she said. "Then I saw an ad that caught my eye, something like 'last son of Khemosabi++++//.'" She traveled to San Diego to see the bay gelding.

"When I got out of the car and saw his kind eye, I knew he was mine."

She decided to get into dressage and just rode by herself for a year, but her goal was to go to the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, and she knew she needed a coach.

"I saw Patience Prine-Carr ride at Pacific Slopes and was impressed with her training. My mother had hauled her horse to shows in the late '60's, but I had not kept in touch. I asked her if she had room in her barn, and she said 'yes.'"

"We didn't have a goal to campaign him," said Prine-Carr. "We only go to shows that we enjoy. His show schedule just evolved, and he kept winning. Finally, he had done so well, we had no choice but to take him to Sport Horse Nationals."

What makes him so outstanding in the sport horse disciplines?

"Artesan+++// is elegant and marked just like his sire. He is a beautifully moving horse, very correct, fluid and elastic. He has the same showy bay coat and four high white stockings as his sire plus his legendary show ring panache and sweet disposition," said Prine-Carr.

Khemosabi++++/, died in 2001, having sired more than 1,200 registered purebred Arabian horses that have competed successfully in showing, racing, competitive trail and endurance.

Horse Achievement Award 2006 High Point Top Ten Standings*
  1. Artesan VS +++// (Khemosabi++++/ x Obsession JD), Susan McArthur, 457.5 points
  2. Njuepic++// (Hungarian Epic x Njudawn), Jodie Surerus, La Glace, AB, 343 points
  3. TL Foolin Around+// (JA Bahim Sharaab x Irish), Ricci Desiderio, Chester, NJ, 315 points
  4. DA Durado+++//, (Legacy of Gold x Khimberly) Tracy Ratliff Lord, Augusta, GA, 308 points
  5. Money Plays++++//, (Standing Room Only x Beignet) Alisha or Adele Kinney, Scottsdale, AZ, 287 points
  6. EA Galaxy+// (AA Apollo Bey x WA Gala) Karen and Olivia Stull, Scottsdale, AZ, 263.5 points
  7. Radisson CPAR, (GH Ventures Legacy x Velvet) Melissa McCarthy, San Diego, Calif. 246 points
  8. TR Tequila Sunrise++++//, (LS Drambuie x Just Whistle Dixie) Christina Passey, Surry, B.C. 236.5 points
  9. Dark Prankster, (Darktanion x Czapranka) Madeleine Hoshizaki, Cupertino, CA. 199 points
  10. Aurora MR+// (JS Paronov x El Disar Eve), Jenny Breen, Rancho Cordova, CA 187 points
*Standings are subject to change pending final verification.
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