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March 05,  2013
Contact: AHA

AHA Signs Agreement with Ranch Sorting National Championships

Aurora, CO (March 5, 2013) - The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) and the Ranch Sorting National Championships (RSNC) announced today an agreement to develop joint programs to attract horse enthusiasts to RSNC and AHA competitions.

Glenn Petty, Executive Vice President at AHA stated, "Ranch Sorting is enjoying immense popularity. The Ranch Sorting organization was only formed six years ago and now has 18,000 members. Ranch Sorting is family-oriented and many Arabian horse owners already participate in this sport."

AHA will hold a judged exhibition competition at the 2013 U.S. National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show, October 18-26, 2013 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Through this partnership with RSNC, AHA will award RSNC points to Arabians, Half-Arabians, and Anglo-Arabians participating in ranch sorting competitions, giving AHA members another avenue to enjoy their horses. In addition, RSNC gives members awards by state, including awards for High Point Arabian and Half-Arabian.

Ranch Sorting is a team-oriented discipline where friends and family can compete together affordably thanks to low participation costs. With over 400 sanctioned events annually, RSNC offered over $400,000 in prize money to 6,000 competitors at their national finals last year. "RSNC aims to preserve the heritage and integrity of the ranching lifestyle while providing a family oriented, competitive riding experience at the grassroots level," says RSNC President, Dave Wolfe.

Speaking to the grass-roots reach of Ranch Sorting, AHA President, Cynthia Richardson says, "Ranch sorting is an accessible activity where members can literally pull their horse out of the pasture, haul them down the road and compete on an appropriate level, no matter their experience. They can experience an easy, fun day with their whole family."

A participant's rating is assigned after RSNC tracks sorting dollars won and sorting dollars spent on entry fees by each contestant at all RSNC sanction events. The handicapping system encourages the teaming of skilled sorters with the less-experienced partners while the Masters classes feed the appetite of the mature competitor.

For information about how you can try ranch sorting, visit www.rsnc.us.
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