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Press Release

May 18,  2011
Contact: AHA

Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) Information

By now many of AHA's membership is already aware of the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) outbreak that resulted from the NCHA's Western Nationals Cutting Championship in Ogden, Utah. Since the outbreak AHA has been attempting to acquire factual information on the outbreak. In the meantime much misinformation has circulated. What is now known is the following:
  • All 20 known reactors trace directly to the Ogden, Utah event
  • No Arabian horses are known to have been afflicted
  • This is not an epidemic
The American Horse Council (AHC) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) representatives advise that it is premature to cancel horse shows. In discussions with AHC and USDA it was expressed that the primary concern should be with horses that have had direct contact with horses that were at the Utah event. Therefore, unless show managers were expecting horses from the Utah event or horses that have been in direct contact with the horses that attended that event, there should be no worry.

Tonight the AHA Board is having a conference call with the USDA's veterinarian that is leading their work on this outbreak as well an AHC representative. In addition, the Board will be discussing how to handle qualifications for Regional Championships from shows that have been cancelled.

Lance Walters, AHA President, following extensive communications with national leaders this week, stated the following, "Be vigilant against potential exposure to horses directly connected to the Ogden, Utah cutting, but in other instances follow normal everyday health practices for your horses. We are grateful no Arabians at this point have been affected. So unless there is a change, I recommend that our members continue with your show plans. Should any new developments occur that would change this recommendation, AHA will immediately issue a statement."

Following are links that give additional specific information regarding EHV-1 and the outbreak:

AAEP About the Outbreak and Additional Resources

AAEP List of State Vets

AAEP Fact Sheet

USDA Brochure on the Disease

Bio-security Tips

This has been a difficult week for our industry with rumors flying right and left. But we are now beginning to get sound, factual information that makes us more comfortable to let membership know Arabians appear to be faring well so far with this outbreak. Also, there are no Regionals or Nationals that have been cancelled. As more specific information is developed, additional eBlasts will be sent to membership.

For specific information or questions, please contact the AHA Competition Department at (303) 696-4500, #4 or consult your veterinarian, state veterinarian or the state veterinarian of your destination (see link to state vets above).

Glenn T. Petty
Executive Vice President
Arabian Horse Association
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